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Baby Proofing Tips


Baby Proofing Tips For Your House

We all want to do the best we can to keep our little ones safe. So we wanted to put together a few basic baby proofing tips that members of our team have done in their homes! 


Baby-Proofing Checklist

  • Stove knobs – these will stop your child from turning on the stove or releasing gas. Most install by just simply detaching the knob, putting on the cover and resetting the knob to hold the cover in place.


  • Cabinet drawer/door latches – having latches on your cabinets will help stop a child from getting into cleaning chemicals or pulling out glass dishes.


  • Doorknob covers – covers on your doorknobs will help prevent your child from opening doors. Especially important on doors leading to stairs. You can get these for rounded knobs or if you have levers, they make locks for those as well.


  • Outlet plugs – these are pretty straight forward, you put these in and unused outlets so your child can’t put things into the outlet. They also make covers for outlets that have things plugged in so they can’t unplug anything.


  • Area rugs for crawling – this may not be necessarily considered baby proofing, but it’s nice for your child’s knees as they start to crawl. Just put down area rugs throughout as a cushion for them as they move around the house.


  • Gates to keep out of certain rooms – you can get baby gates or if you already have a pet gate you can just use that to put up between walls or in doorways to help keep your child out of a certain area or room.


  • Rubber corner guards – as your child starts to walk, they will bump into things and potentially fall. The last thing you want is for them to bump their head on the corner of a table or piece of furniture. You can buy rubber bumper guards that just slide onto the corner of your furniture.


  • Anti-tip brackets – this is huge as your child starts to use furniture to pull themselves up. You can secure a  TV stand, dresser, bookshelf, or anything that could potentially tip over to the wall.


If you need help installing any of the above baby-proofing hardware or you have any other tips please let us know!