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Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Everyone knows bathroom cleaning is a huge drag. It’s easy to neglect cleaning your bathroom until it gets to the point where it would be embarrassing for you if any guest was to use it. It also becomes much harder to clean at that point. Following this simple checklist will help ensure that your bathroom is always clean and in proper working order.
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Check the Condition of Your Shower’s Caulk or Grout

One of the most neglected aspects of bathroom upkeep is checking the quality of caulk, and if you have tile, grout around your tub or shower. Caulk and grout ensure that water won’t get behind tile and vinyl. Water that finds its way behind these seals create opportunities for mold and decrease the overall integrity of your bathroom. Caulk should be replaced annually or sooner depending on its condition. if your bathroom is in extensive need or new caulk or grout, you might want to consider hiring an expert, like one of the Odd Job Larry handymen!

Clean Shower Curtains or Doors

These can get pretty filthy if not cleaned regularly. Anytime you notice any white or black mold in these places, scrub it with an abrasive cleaner, particularly towards the bottom and in any corners or folders. A tip for keeping shower curtain liners cleaner for longer is to keep your shower curtain pulled close. When drawing the curtain to the side after getting out of the shower, moisture will be caught in the folds and create a breeding ground for bacteria. For shower doors, check the bottom track. Look for any place that has mold or standing water. If water is standing in the tracks, drill very discrete holes in a way for water to easily drain out.

Since the shower door gets the most wear and tear, they can quickly lose their caulk, so take extra notice of this area when examining the condition of your showers caulk. Cleaning your shower curtain or shower door every month will help prevent mold build up.

Clean Bathroom Fixtures

Any place that water either comes out of, or goes into, is subject to build of mold and grime. This would include your shower head, shower drain, sink faucet, sink drain, and if you have one, your floor drain. The water that comes through your faucets and shower heads is known as hard water, which means it contains dissolved minerals, most commonly calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. As water evaporates, the bicarbonate remains and builds up into a chalky white substance. This is commonly referred to as limescale.

Not only does limescale look bad, but build up can also decrease your water pressure. One method of cleaning is to soak fixtures that have limescale build up in vinegar for a several hours. You can do this for your shower head by wrapping a bag around it filled with vinegar, or remove it yourself, or have Odd Job Larry remove your shower head for you, and soak it in a container. Doing this once a month will prevent significant build up of limescale.

Check Your Cabinets

It is easy for things to pile up in your drawers and cabinets going through everything once a month will help you keep track of what you have and make it easier to find. This would also a good time to clean the surfaces of your cabinets, drawers, and mirrors . You’ll be surprised by just how much filth builds up over time.

Clean the Surfaces of Your Shower, Toilet and Floor

The most rigorous chore in bathroom cleaning will be scrubbing the floor, toilet and tub or shower. However, if you follow the previous steps in this checklist, you’ll find this part a much more easy. Bathrooms are often too small for a mop, so using a rag and spray bottle might be your best option.