Remodeling Trends of 2017

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Remodeling Trends of 2017, Kenosha, Racine

The kitchen and bathroom in your home are most likely the rooms used the most in your house. They’re the two rooms most likely to be shared with guests, and the overall condition of these rooms has a major impact on the value of your home. Whether you want to remodel or just upgrade with modern sinks and vessels, you will love the latest trends for 2017!

Using quality products is always a good investment when it comes to resale value and quality of your home. This year focuses on uniqueness, quality, and visual impact. Many kitchens and bathrooms are being re-designed with lots of texture and classic beauty. Efficiency is another focus point. The savvy homeowner will take advantage of every inch of space their rooms can offer.

Faucets and Sinks

Mixed metal faucets are popular this year. Traditional big store faucets are boring and don’t give the look of luxury that a quality, mixed metal faucet does. Designer colors are still a part of the market, but brushed brass and gold faucets are here and making a bold statement. Contemporary is the key for 2017!

White sinks are trending as are colored sinks. There are several color trends for bathrooms and kitchens to choose from:

·         Black and white

This is a clean and classic combination that looks clean and crisp and makes the room look larger


·         White, gray, and off-white

Consider mixing different hues of these colors and combining textures for a bold and interesting look


·         Blue, violet, blue-grey, and purple

This color scheme is favored by the younger generation of homeowners and designers alike. The styles that are most popular are Asian Fusion, Shaker, and mid-century modern


More About Color

Stainless steel is moving over for colored appliances. Kitchens are seeing a lot of color, texture, and depth. Granite and quartz countertops are also popular in 2017.


Old vessels are being pushed to the wayside. Your mother’s sink will not do in your beautiful and modern kitchen. Instead, many are choosing a unique Italian-made vessel designed to bring elegance and charm to your room and leave your guests in awe!


Wood is being favored over metals in a lot of situations this year. We’ve seen a lot of wood handles, trims, and even sinks and vessels made of wood! Wood is beautiful and comes in many colors and styles.

Using wood for cabinets, shelves, handles, and accessories is easy enough, and the right finish will add a depth to your overall design. When working with wood and mixing it with the other trends of the year, it is easy to go a bit too far. Know when to stop! Your vessel and faucet areas are usually the visual focal point of each of these rooms. The trend is classy, clean, and elegant. Consider your countertops and floor covering choices as well.


One of the biggest trends we’ve noticed this year is a high demand for pendant lights. These lights hang from the ceiling and look great! Not only do they bring light to areas where you need it, but they also work to showcase certain areas of your home. They look fantastic hanging over tubs, office areas, kitchen islands, or anywhere else that you’d like lit in a classy fashion.


If you have any questions about the trends you’ve read about here or would like to speak to a professional about your design ideas, contact Odd Job Larry today! We’ll be happy to help you come up with the best plan of action to meet your needs. Our sales team can come up with the best solutions to meet your timeline, budget, or any other variables you’d like us to take into consideration.


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