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Hot Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer!
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Hot Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer!

Odd Job Larry has some great tips to cool off your home this summer without your energy bill going through the roof!

Insulation: Adequate insulation in ceilings and walls helps to retain cool air inside your home.

Roof: Cleaning your attic and roof vents can help dramatically. These vents allow air to flow through the attic, keeping the temperature the same as the outside. Excessive heat in the attic will reduce the life of your roof, increase cooling bills, and cause problems due to condensation. Attic fans will also help to keep your home cool during the hottest summer months.

Repair/Replace Caulk: Heat can dry out caulk, creating cracks and reducing efficiency. Cracks in the caulk around windows and doors can lead to air leaks, water leaks and costly utility bills. It’s suggested to have a professional inspect caulk every 6 months as preventative maintenance.

Stucco Repairs: Moisture trickles behind walls loosening and deteriorating stucco. Make sure to repair cracks in walls to prevent water and moisture damage. For instance, if you have hard water, you may consider replacing interior plumbing (toilet parts and faucets). Hard water will depreciate internal plumbing and lead to more serious water leaks and damage to your drywall. Prevention is the key!

Touch Up PaintThe hot sun fades and cracks exterior paint. Make sure to inspect your patio boards and door trim for cracks or peeling. Touching up the paint each season can help maintain the exterior of your home and prevent costly repairs due to wood rot in the future.

Windows: It’s important to maintain your screens as well as install double paned windows. You may want to consider tinting as well. Screens with more threading can deflect the sun from blinding you and lower the internal temperature. Though the overall goal is to run the air conditioning less and lower the electric bill!

If you have any questions on the recommendations above and/or would like to discuss it further, contact Odd Job Larry today for a FREE quote!