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How to Change a Door Knob and Lock Set

How to Change a Door Knob and Lock Set

1. Remove the old lock cylinder halves. Use a hand screwdriver to remove screws.

2. Remove lock bolt. If attached to mortise plate remove the 2 screws. If pressed in push out from cylinder hole.

3. Remove strike plate from door jamb by removing the 2 screws and removing.

4. Install new lock bolt. They usually come with mortise plate attached, if the old lock bolt hand plate attached install the new one the same. If not follow manufacturer’s instructions to remove mortise plate and install by pressing in side of door.

5. Install cylinder halves. Make sure the half with the threaded stems is properly thru the slots in the lock bolt. Install the other half, thread in screws by hand to make sure they are properly threaded in. finish tightening with a hand screwdriver.

6. Install new strike plate on door jamb. Align with previous holes and install the new screws. If holes stripped out you can push in wood tooth picks to fill in old holes and break off flush with wood jamb.

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