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How to Fix or Repair Ugly Caulk Lines

How to Fix or Repair Ugly Caulk Lines

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count! Any project that has been completed and left ugly caulk lines wasn’t done right! Even if every other aspect of the project was done properly, leaving behind ugly beads of caulk is likened to not doing the project at all. Use the tips below to get great caulk lines and contact Odd Job Larry today to leave it to the experts!

Fixing Bad Caulk Lines

  1. Using hand tools like a utility knife, putty knife or a caulk removal tool, carefully cut, scrape and peel away all of the existing caulk in the area that you are wanting to repair. It is very important to remove the existing caulk so that you can apply a thick, even layer of new caulk.

  2. Clean the area by lightly wiping away any remaining loose debris and dirt with clean cloth or paper towel. Then, clean the area with mineral spirits to remove any grease that might remain. Allow the mineral spirits to fully dry.

  3. If you are caulking between two different colored surfaces, using a colored caulk, and want perfectly straight caulk lines, you’ll want to apply painters tape to the surface you plan to caulk onto. When you apply the caulk, you will lap it onto the tape.

  4. Apply the caulk of your choice as evenly as possible by going slow, applying even pressure, and keeping the caulk gun moving at a consistent speed.

  5. Avoid sticking your finger into the caulk line to smooth it out. But if you need to, keep a small bucket with warm water and a small sponge nearby. This will make any cleaning or wiping easier and less messy.

  6. What kind of caulk should you use? There are different types of caulk for different applications. If you intend to paint the caulk when it dries, you will want to use a latex caulk. The label should say if it’s paintable. If you are caulking around a bathtub or any wet area you will want to look for silicone caulk. There are also many different colors available with the two most common being white and clear. Make sure you consider the application and find a product that is designed for the area you intend to use it in.

If you’d rather have a professional complete this work, please call Odd Job Larry at 262-287-7391.

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