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January Home Maintenance Checklist

January Home Maintenance Checklist

We hope you find this list helpful going into what is traditionally the coldest part of winter.

Stave off the cabin fever! You can do all of these items yourself, or contact the professionals at Odd Job Larry for help!

 Washer Maintenance (check filter, hose)

 Dryer Maintenance (vacuum lint)

 Inspect/repair bathroom caulking

 Spray for ants, replace bait

 Clean drains with baking soda

 Water softener salt drum maintenance

 Check/change detector batteries (smoke/C02)

 Change furnace filter

 Clean ventilation grills

 Clean kitchen appliances (also helps with ants)

 Deep clean refrigerator and freezer

 Replace range hood filter

 Clean/maintain garbage disposal

 Check your fire extinguishers’ charge


January Home Maintenance Checklist


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