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Locating a Stud

Locating A Stud

Having trouble locating a stud? Don’t worry!
You can still mount that TV even if you don’t own a
stud finder!

There are a few tricks to locating a stud in the wall


  • Knocking on the wall – The wall will sound hollow in between the studs. As you get closer to the stud, the sound will start getting solid. Once you get to the stud, your knock will be completely solid.


  • Look for outlets or switches – Outlet and switch boxes are usually secured to a stud. You can use the knocking technique to determine which side of the outlet or switch the stud is on


  • Measure 16” off the corner of the wall. When laying out framing for a wall, studs are supposed to be 16” apart. So if you measure 16” from the corner of the room, or 32”, 48”, 64”, or however far you need to go, you should land on a stud.


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