Accent Your Space with a Pergola in Kenosha

Let's Build a Pergola

Voted the best home improvement contractor in Kenosha of 2016!

Letter from the staff

Awarded the Best Place to Work in Kenosha County of 2017!

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A pergola is a landscape feature, either free standing or attached as an extension, consisting of pillars and often a sturdy lattice. Free standing pergolas are similar to gazebos, and can be used as a shady sitting place to relax or entertain. Pergolas also make perfect coverings for structures, including picnic tables, hot tubs, decks and benches. Odd Job Larry can design and construct a pergola that matches the style and personality of your home and property.

Pergola Features

  • Natural look and feel adds to any landscape
  • Offers shaded area for outdoor recreation
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • A Cost-effective addition that adds value to your home
Let's Build a Pergola
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