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$99 Home Review Checklist

Your Home Doesn't Come With A "Check Engine" Light...
That's Why We're Here!

Odd Job Larry is proud to announce a new service offering to better serve our clients! Now you can be sure that your home maintenance is up-to-date no matter the season with our $99 home review!  Simply set up an appointment and we’ll complete a checklist of over fifty common home maintenance items. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! You’d be surprised by the cost-savings when you hire Odd Job Larry to catch all of your minor home maintenance concerns before they turn into huge problems!

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Basic Home Maintenance

Here’s just a few of the things that we will look at!


  • Kitchen
    • Inspect Faucet and Sink Base to Look for Any Visible Leaks or Water Damage
    • Look for Any Failing Caulk or Grout
    • Test GCFI Outlets
  • Bathroom
    • Inspect Faucet
    • Test GFCI Outlets
    • Check for Running Toilets
    • Test Bath Exhaust Fans
    • Check Grout and Caulk Along Bathtubs/Showers/Sinks
  • Other Areas
    • Check Smoke Detectors/CO2 Detectors
    • Test Sump Pump for Normal Operation
    • Check Furnace Filter
    • External Doors (Internal Weatherstripping/Sweeps)
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  • Check Windows
    • Look for Any Damaged or Missing Screens
    • Look for Any Visible Rot or Failing Paint
  • Roof Inspection – Ground Only Visual Inspection for Any Missing Shingles or Damage
  • Gutters & Downspouts
    • Ground Inspection Only Checking For Evidence of Buildup
    • Make Sure Downspouts are Directing Water Away From the House
  • Overall Exterior
    • Looking for Any Missing or Damaged Siding
    • Visually Inspect Exterior for Any Rotted Wood or Failing Paint
    • Look for Lint Buildup on Dryer Exhaust Vent
  • Porches & Decks
    • Visually Inspect for Any Overall Damage or Rotted Wood
  • Garage
    • Weatherstripping/Sweeps – Inspect What Condition They Are In
    • Safety Reverse Present and Operational on Garage Door

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