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Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Everyone knows bathroom cleaning is a huge drag. It’s easy to neglect cleaning your bathroom until it gets to the point where it would be embarrassing for you if any guest was to use it. It also becomes much harder to clean at that point. Following this simple...

Commercial and Residential Contracting

Commercial and Residential Contracting

Commercial and Residential Contracting Odd Job Larry works year round to provide the highest quality contractor services to businesses and individuals. From new home and building construction and full commercial build outs to handyman services and remodeling, Odd Job Larry does it all. Come cold...

Five Common Home Maintenance Myths

Five Common Home Maintenance Myths

Five Common Home Maintenance Myths Learn the truth about common home maintenance myths, and contact Odd Job Larry for help with all of your home maintenance needs! Myth 1: Laundry bleach is the best product to remove mold and keep it from returning. EPA researchers compared 12 over-the-counter...


Your service and communication has been completely awesome. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful, long term relationship.

Sheila S.

I am grateful and appreciative of Joseph Yonke for his help on the bathroom remodel that was recently completed in my house. Many thanks to Joseph for listening, addressing all concerns, and seeing the remodel through.

Kari P.

I just wanted to write a big thank you for all who were involved in our bathroom project. We are pleased with the results. We appreciate all the hard work that Alex put into this job. We gave him a lot to do and he came through excellently on all.

Becky D.

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