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Aging in Place Contractors

Independent Living Can Be Yours!

Are you looking to upgrade your home with some common upgrades to give you or your elderly loved ones peace of mind and independence? Odd Job Larry is one of the best aging in place contractors in Kenosha and the surrounding area! We will handle your entire project from beginning to end with professionalism! Our estimators work with you to develop the exact services you need for your home to be more accessible as you or your family members age. Just because you’re getting older does not mean you have to give up your home! Trust Odd Job Larry to help you update your home!

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As you or a family member ages, you may not want to leave a home where you have spent years, possibly decades, building a life. Instead of leaving, why not remodel your home or give it modifications that can provide a safe environment in the place where you are most comfortable! When you’re looking for aging in place contractors in Kenosha, you want to find a professional team that can provide all these services to you! Odd Job Larry is that team!

Common Aging in Place Services

There are plenty of options that allow you to upgrade a home and make it safer as you or a family member ages. Odd Job Larry, one of the best aging in place contractors in Kenosha, can provide you with all of the services you may require to update your home!

Here’s a list of common aging in place services:

  • Installing grab bars
  • Install a walk-in shower
  • Install ADA ramp to front door
  • Move washer and dryers to first floor
  • Installing ADA chair-height toilet
  • And more!
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