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Odd Job Larry provides all of the services necessary to remodel and finish your basement. From water sealing, drywalling, electrical work and plumbing, Odd Job Larry will turn your basement into a secondary living space that you can enjoy.

Basement Remodeling Preparation Services:

Keep Your Basement Dry

Odd Job Larry will check for any water issues in your basement before beginning the planning process. Obvious signs are pools of water or drips coming through the below-grade walls. We'll also look for cracks in your foundation walls and repair that damage if necessary. Odd Job Larry makes this regular protocol in order to spot areas of concern before they cause expensive damage. We want to protect your investments.

Keep Your Basement Safe

When it comes to basement remodeling, it's common to have to work with plumbing and electrical components. It's best to address any code violations right away before the remodeling work begins. Odd Job Larry is well versed in municipal code and can help spot and address various common issues before they become a headache in the future.

Keep Your Basement Insulated

Insulation will not only help control the temperature of your basement, it can also add another layer of moisture control, as well help dampen sound from the outside.

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Basement Remodeling Finishing Services:

Drop Ceilings

Drop or suspended ceiling offers a great way to both conceal and provide easy access to electrical and plumbing lines via the removable tile.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is always a great option for basements. They don't take up valuable overhead space that a light fixture would. Recessed lighting is easy to install with a drop ceiling.


Odd Job Larry can repair and install drywall in your remodeled basement.


Odd Job Larry can paint existing and newly installed drywall in your remodeled basement.


Help make your remodeled basement a comfortable living space with a new flooring. Choose between carpet, wood, laminate, or tile.

Bathrooms and Kitchenettes

Add bathrooms and kitchenettes to help make your new extra space in the basement more functional and convenient.

Let's Remodel Your Basement
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