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Custom Tile Work

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Odd Job Larry, Custom Tile Work
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Tile Installation Services

Odd Job Larry has the professional staff and tools required to meet the highest standards of quality. When it comes to tile work, only a skilled contractor with experience will suffice. Even a small error in the floor, wall, or bath tile can be an eyesore. One misstep in tile placement can throw off the pattern and grout line, making the mistake easy to notice. That’s why hiring a seasoned professional is essential to ensuring the job gets done well and on the first try!

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Tile & Grout Repair Services

Grout is porous and will, over time, absorb dirt, mildew, mold, and lime scale. That’s why it’s important to properly seal your grout. Odd Job Larry will apply a clear, penetrating sealer to protect from further absorption.

Showers and countertops that have tiled surfaces often develop missing, discolored, or damaged grout. By removing and replacing the damaged grout, your tile can look new again while extending the life of the tile as well.

New caulking around the tub and or shower edges provides a clean, new look while keeping the water where it’s supposed to be.

Tile Repair and Replacement
If you have loose tile in your kitchen, bath or other tiled areas, Odd Job Larry can resecure individual sections of tile. If matching tile is available, replacement of damaged tile is also a possibility. This way, you can keep the tile that you love and save money.

Water Damage Repair
Deteriorating, missing, or damaged grout and caulk can lead to water damage to your surrounding walls, floors, countertops, and backsplashes. Odd Job Larry can repair the water damaged areas and help prevent further costly and unneeded repairs.

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