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Basic Tools to Have at Home

Basic Tools to Have at Home


There are a lot of DIY projects that require basic tools. We wanted to share a few basic tools to keep in your toolbox at home!



There are 2 types of hammers, smooth face, and milled face hammers. If you are hammering a lot of nails then you might want to go with a milled face hammer. They are referred to as the “framing” hammer because they grab nails better than the smooth face. However, having a milled face, means that it will leave indentations wherever you hammer. So, if you are putting a nail in your drywall or trim you may want a smooth face hammer. 


With screwdrivers, you have Phillips head and flathead. We recommend getting an interchangeable screwdriver just so you don’t have a bunch of screwdrivers taking up space in your toolbox.


You will find yourself using your pliers for multiple things around the house. From plumbing and electrical projects to just tightening a bolt.

Power Drill

We strongly recommend having a power drill on hand. You can get them cordless or corded. Cordless is more convenient so you don’t have to be by an outlet or run extension cords. Having a power drill is great for smaller projects like hanging pictures or TVs. But they can also be used for bigger projects like screwing in deck boards or putting up a 2×4 wall.

Tape Measure

You definitely need a tape measure in your toolbox. This will help you to measure boards, shelves, trim work, and help you find locations when hanging things on the walls.

Torpedo Level

This is a handy tool to have for smaller projects. You can hold this on pictures, TVs, shelves, or anything you want to be level.

Utility Knife

A utility knife can be used for so many things. From opening boxes and cutting drywall to removing old caulk.

Adjustable Wrench

These come in handy especially with plumbing projects. You can tighten and loosen toilet bolts or replace galvanized pipes.

Pry Bar

A pry bar is great for demolition projects. If you are removing drywall or trim that’s being thrown away, you need to have one of these!

Putty Knife

This is another versatile tool to have. You can use these to do minor drywall touch-ups or spackling nail holes. You can also use these for scraping walls if you have chipped or peeling paint that you want to remove.

If you don’t have the proper tools or need assistance with any of your projects, Odd Job Larry is here to help! Contact us today!