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Reasons To Remodel Your Basement

Reasons To Remodel Your Basement

Odd Job Larry, Reasons To Remodel Your Basement

If you have been on the fence about remodeling your basement, there are several ideas to consider that will help push you to just get it done! Once it’s done, you will be very happy that you did! Below are just a few ways that Odd Job Larry has helped families with a more functional basement.

Another bathroom

This is one of the more popular basement projects. Whether you like to hang out in the basement and are sick of running upstairs every time you have to go, or you have kids that have to go to the bathroom at the same time. It’s never fun when someone is in the shower and nature starts to call. Having that extra bathroom in the basement is a lifesaver!

Need another bedroom

Is your family getting bigger? Do you have a relative coming to stay with you for a while? There are several reasons to add a bedroom in your basement. However, it is very important to add an egress window to make it a safe bedroom. Also with an egress window, you can count it as square footage! It will turn your 4 bedroom house into a 5 bedroom house!

Give the kids some space to play

This doesn’t need an explanation! Giving the kids a different place to run wild other than your living room and kitchen will help keep you sane! Plus they don’t have to be as quiet in the basement and it will help get some energy out!

More space to entertain for holidays and parties

If you like to entertain during the holidays or you just like having parties, finishing your basement is a great idea! Your house can fill up quickly with people and you will be very grateful to have that extra entertaining space.

Have friends over to watch sports games

When finishing your basement you can add a living room. Then you can put a couch and TV down there and maybe even add a nice little bar area. This will make your house the place to be for watching sports! Also having an area in the basement to watch sports means your spouse can’t yell at you for being too loud!

Growing family

When you have a growing family, finishing your basement can help make your house feel less cramped. As we mentioned before, having an extra bathroom, bedroom, and a play area will make a world of difference. Plus you can add a second living room in the basement and build storage areas for all the things you accumulate with a family.


Odd Job Larry has the experience and knowledge to provide you a functional basement in the space that you have. Don’t wait any longer and get started on your basement remodel now!