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Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

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There’s no shortage of reasons to remodel your kitchen! Remodeling your kitchen is probably something you think about all the time. Especially since you spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. Start writing down your ideas so when you are ready, you will be one step ahead! Below are a few ideas to help you when deciding on a kitchen remodel. You can also click here for our free kitchen remodel checklist.

Poor lighting

A lot of kitchens we see have very poor lighting or not enough lighting. You would be amazed at how much bigger your kitchen would feel with upgraded lighting or adding more lights. Plus it’s nice to actually see the cutting board when you are cutting up food! If you are looking to remodel your kitchen fully, that would be the perfect time to add more lighting if you wanted to go that route.

Cabinets in need of repair

There is no joy in having to carefully open your cabinet doors so they don’t fall down when getting out a plate or bowl. Cabinets are the biggest eye-catcher in your kitchen and having cabinets that are stained with grease or are losing their finish, is a real turn off. Cabinets take a lot of abuse and there are only so many repairs you can do before it’s time to just replace them. With all of the new cabinet designs out there these days, you can get really cool cabinets with unique storage and functionality.

Outdated countertops

You definitely want to make sure your countertops are in good shape. They hold tons of things from little appliances to your food. Damaged countertops can cause a few different issues such as bacteria growing in any cracks, uneven surfaces when using a cutting board, and simply just not a good look! There are many options for countertops from low maintenance to durable or budget-friendly.

The layout could be more functional

Sometimes you can have a big kitchen but not enough cabinets and countertops. Or you can have a little kitchen that was just thrown together without any thought at all. The wonderful thing about a remodel is you can redesign it to fit your needs and wants. Walls can be removed, appliances can be moved, and cabinets can be added or taken away.

Adding a dishwasher

There are quite a few older homes that do not have dishwashers. Well, there is great news! We can add one! You may have to sacrifice a cabinet to do it but if you are doing a full remodel, it can be added to the new plans. No more dishes on the countertop or having to spend the time washing them all!


Odd Job Larry has the experience and knowledge to provide you the quality kitchen of your dreams. We will put together plans with you and do everything we can to provide everything you want in your dream kitchen! Contact us now to set up your free estimate!