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Top 5 Home Handyman Hacks

Top 5 Home Handyman Hacks

Here’s 5 tried and true home hacks for your home’s handyman! Need help with something else? Contact your local handyman service, Odd Job Larry, today!

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1. Shop Floor Measuring Tape

Instead of pulling out the tape measure every time you need to measure something large, draw a ruler on your shop floor with a permanent marker. While it may not be accurate enough for projects where precise measurements are needed, it will work for rough cutting and works better than relying on your eyeballs alone!

Make a trapeze hanger to save space in your closet!

2. Trapeze Hanger Extensions

A quick and easy way to add another clothes hanger rod in your closet! Use screw hooks to attach a second clothes rod to the second using a lightweight chain. This works especially well in children’s closets, as you can adjust the height as they continue to grow. Squeeze the screw hooks closed with pliers to finish attaching the chain!

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3. Help Finding Small Parts

It can be aggravating and slow everything down when you drop a small part for the project you’re working on. While there’s no quick fix, here’s a tip that might shed some light on things. Place a flashlight on the ground near the area where you believe your missing part fell. Slowly rotate the flashlight in circles on the ground. The shadow cast by the part will be easier to see than the part itself!

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4. Quilt Hanging

Here’s a clever system for hanging up a decorative quilt or carpeting on the wall. Simply insert a safety pin vertically, through the backing near the top, and slightly back away from the edges. Make sure to leave the circular spring end facing up. Mark your locations on the wall and install picture hooks that will pass through the circular end. For heavier items, consider using multiple pins.

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5. Ladder Hammer Hanger

How many times has your hammer fallen off your ladder and you had to stop what you were doing, go down and get it? With a piece of leather or an old belt and a 3/4-in. screw, you can easily fix that problem! Fasten it so you can easily slide the hammer into the opening. The claws will hold it in place!